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Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program


The Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program fills a gap in current workforce development programs by providing needed training funds to Ohio's incumbent workforce through a unique public/private partnership. The ultimate goal is twofold: allow employers to retain and grow their existing Ohio workforce and create a statewide workforce that can meet the present and future demands in an ever changing economy.


The reimbursement-based grant program offsets employer costs associated with upgrading the skills of their incumbent workforce.

For Whom

Any Ohio for-profit entity in a state-designated target industry with a facility located in Ohio that has been in continuous operation in Ohio for the last 12 months.

Program Contact

Office of Strategic Business Investments, Shannon Vanderpool, (614) 644-8560

How Much

The program will reimburse the employer up to 33 percent of the cost of training. The program allows for up to $4,000 per employee and/or up to $25,000 per company per fiscal year.

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