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New Horizons Fair Housing Assistance Program

The New Horizons Fair Housing Assistance Program provides funds to units of local government, or consortia of units of local government, to affirmatively further fair housing and eliminate impediments to fair housing. These actions are in addition to a grantee’s Standard Fair Housing Program, which is required as part of the Office of Community Development’s Community Development Program and Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP) Program applications. New Horizons fair housing strategies are based on locally assessed needs, and further the State's fair housing goals. Eligible jurisdictions include direct Community Development Program Allocation cities and counties.

Total Funds Available: PY 2015 - $50,000
Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant
Grant Ceiling:  Up to $15,000 for one jurisdiction, and up to an additional $5,000 for each additional eligible jurisdiction in a consortium, for a maximum award of $30,000
Application Submission:  June 13, 2015 to May 31, 2016
Eligibility:  Direct Community Development Allocation cities and counties

Communities interested in submitting an application for the Community Development Block Grant New Horizons Fair Housing Assistance Program must submit a Letter of Interest to the Office of Community Development.  The Office of Community Development will send eligible communities instructions on how to complete an application.