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The Governor’s Office of Appalachia partners with companies, government entities, and nonprofit organizations throughout Ohio’s Appalachian region to promote the development of Appalachian Ohio. The office coordinates with these groups and beyond to administer funds, advocate on behalf of the region, and improve the lives of citizens living in Appalachian Ohio.

Key partners for the Governor's Office of Appalachia are the four Local Development Districts (LDDs). The LDDs' most important role is to identify the priority needs of their local communities. Based on these needs, the LDDs work with their board members and other local citizens to develop plans for their communities' economic and community development, to target and meet the most pressing needs, and to build community unity and leadership. To identify the LDD that represents your area, click here.

Projects involving significant construction, except housing projects that received federal ARC funds are generally administered under a “basic agency” agreement.  The basic agency receives the ARC grant and makes payments to the grantee in conformance with the agency's program requirements.  In most cases, the basic agency is administering its own loan or grant funds as part of the project.

Basic Agency Partners

Additional Partners