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Community Development Program

The Community Development Program provides communities with a flexible housing and community development resource that can be used to address locally identified needs that are eligible Community Development Block Grant activities and qualify under the national objective of Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) Benefit or Elimination of Slum and Blight.

The program includes competitive set-aside funding for Neighborhood Revitalization and Downtown Revitalization. Applications for the Critical Infrastructure Program are accepted on an open-cycle basis and closes when all funds are awarded. Neighborhood Revitalization and Critical Infrastructure projects are designed to serve primarily residential populations. Funds cannot be used to support public improvements for future or speculative developments.

PY 2019 Community Development Programs Notice of Funding Availability

Projects include public facilities, public services, housing, economic development and fair housing activities.

Projects are designed to improve the quality of life, livability and functionality of distressed areas and neighborhoods through a targeted investment in public facilities such as the construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation of public infrastructure in a low- and moderate-income neighborhood.

Projects are designed to improve the Central Business Districts, aid in the elimination of slums or blighted structures, create and retain permanent, private-sector job opportunities for low- and moderate-income households through a targeted investment in fa├žade improvements, remediation of building code violations and/or investment in streetscapes or other public infrastructure.

Projects are designed to assist applicant communities with high-priority, single-component projects such as roads, flood and drainage and other public infrastructure improvements with a high community-wide impact.