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The Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OHMEP)

OHMEP supports Ohio’s small and medium-sized manufacturers by providing the products, services and assistance that are dedicated to the productivity, growth and global competitiveness of Ohio manufacturers. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are critical to Ohio, representing 90% of job growth for high-paying jobs. This growth means for every new manufacturing job created or retained, there are 3 to 5 supporting jobs also created. From automotive to advanced materials, Ohio’s manufacturing landscape is more diverse than ever before.

OHMEP, managed by the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, is a State and Federal initiative to develop and deploy technology, management and technical expertise for improving the competitiveness of manufacturing through services offered by six carefully selected regional affiliates.

MEP Centers

  • MAGNET (Cleveland) covers the northeast
  • TechSolve (Cincinnati) covers the southwest
  • CIFT (Toledo) covers the northwest
  • PolymerOhio (Columbus) covers central Ohio
  • APEG (Athens) covers the southeast
  • FastLane (Dayton) covers the west