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Diversity & Inclusion Technology Internship Program

Key Dates

  • Application Period for Companies: August 11, 2020– September 8, 2020
  • Application Period for Students: August 25 – September 22



(614) 752-4832

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The Diversity & Inclusion Technology Internship Program is a great opportunity to work at some of Ohio's most innovative companies! These paid internships give college students great experience in business and entrepreneurship, while companies get great young, diverse talent to help them compete and grow.

If you are a Company

Application window is closed.

This is your chance to get some great, diverse young talent to work on any number of interesting projects! We'll reimburse two-thirds of the intern's wages up to $10,000. You can be a technology company or simply a company with a technological need.

Companies do need to provide a meaningful internship experience, must have non-residential work space, and must hire interns as employees (W-2). You can hire as many as three (3) interns for different positions. The minimum wage for interns is $15 per hour but can exceed that amount.

If you are a College Student

Application window is closed.

If you're interested in technology, this is a great chance to build up your resume and get experience with companies on the cutting-edge! You can be studying in any area, from STEM to business, communications, marketing and design. These are paid internships with a minimum of $15 an hour but you can negotiate for more, and we'll connect you with the companies.

You must be an Ohio resident attending college anywhere in the United States, or a non-Ohio resident attending school in Ohio. We're encouraging diverse students to take advantage of this great opportunity! International students attending schools and universities in Ohio are welcome, provided they can show proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. and have a valid visa.

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