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Ohio Global Agriculture Trade Program

Home to more than 77,000 farms, Ohio flourishes because of the strong agricultural industry, which employs one in six Ohioans. The food and agriculture industry provides more than $79 billion to the state's economy, making agriculture a critical industry to the State of Ohio.

Ohio is a leading food exporter, ranking 13th among all states and exporting more than $2.6 billion in agricultural products in 2009. Ohio exports a wide range of agricultural products from processed food and food ingredients to hardwoods, fruits, vegetables, seeds, plants, food grains, animal feed, and livestock genetics.

The Ohio Development Service Agency’s Global Agricultural Trade Program facilitates the export of these products by linking Ohio's agribusinesses with federal and state assistance programs, industry organizations, international contacts, buyers, and other businesses.

The Ohio Development Services Agency works closely with the Food Export Association of the Midwest USA to promote international trade. Tim Sword, Global Agricultural Program Manager, works with Ohio food and agricultural companies to help leverage resources to grow their businesses through exports. The Global Agricultural Trade Program lets current and potential exporters access and make the most of export education programs and international marketing services, supporting Ohio’s path to the global marketplace.

Export Programs & Assistance

Ohio is one of the 12 state members of the Food Export Association of the Midwest USA (formerly MIATCO). The Food Export Association of the Midwest is a private, nonprofit association of Midwestern state agricultural promotion agencies that use federal, state, and industry resources to promote the export of food and agricultural products. The Food Export Association of the Midwest offers a variety of services through Market Access Program (MAP) funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Foreign Agricultural Service.

Do you need to promote your product in an international market? This cost-share reimbursement program provides financial assistance to help food and agricultural exporters promote their products in international markets. Participants in this program receive 50 percent cost reimbursement for overseas marketing and promotional expenses, including package and label modifications, advertising, travel and trade show fees, marketing materials, shipment of samples, and more. Visit the Food Export Association of the Midwest’s website to see if your business qualifies for this program.

Ever need one-on-one export assistance but didn't know where to turn? This unique service provides companies with customized, one-on-one assistance on a wide variety of export-related topics. Whether you have a quick question about exporting or need long-term assistance, the Food Export Helpline can be of service. Enroll now to receive a free report on the top 25 markets for your product.

Do you want to be an expert in exporting? This online resource allows U.S. food companies to learn the complex steps of exporting and how to integrate all the elements of the export transaction at their own pace. The education center consists of 10 modules that can guide companies to determine their export readiness, research and target their top markets, and even create an export marketing strategy.

What international markets are right for your product? Finding the right market for your product is the key to exporting success. The Market Builder service is a subsidized market research program for exporters who are looking to secure their product in an international market. Market Builder can help your company assess product marketability and consumer preferences, find new distributors or importers, evaluate competing products, and receive valuable feedback about your products. Enroll today to discover the best markets for your company’s international expansion.