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Deadlines and Meeting Dates - Calendar Year 2015

The Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit Program provides a refundable tax credit against a company's insurance premiums tax, Commercial Activities Tax, or an individual’s Ohio personal income tax obligations.  A five-member board, the Ohio Tax Credit Authority, is charged with reviewing and approving applications and setting applicants’ tax credit rates and terms.

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority meets regularly each month, except the month of November (due to the Thanksgiving holiday).  Authorized representatives of each applicant company are required to attend the respective meeting at which their request for assistance will be evaluated; each company presents its project to the board members.  A representative of each respective political subdivision in which the project will occur is also encouraged to attend.

The following is the calendar year 2015 schedule for meetings of the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. All meetings begin at 10:00 am and are held in the Vern Riffe Center, 77 South High Street, 31st Floor, in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Calendar Year 2015 Deadlines

Financial Assistance Application, Scope of Work, Company Financials, Signature Pages and Local Support Deadline for requests to amend 
existing tax credit projects
Authority meeting date
1/2/15 1/9/15 1/26/15
1/29/15 2/6/15 2/23/15
3/5/15 3/13/15 3/30/15
4/2/15 4/10/15 4/27/15
5/7/15 5/15/15 6/1/15
6/4/15 6/12/15 6/29/15
7/2/15 7/10/15 7/27/15
8/6/15 8/14/15 8/31/15
9/3/15 9/11/15 9/28/15
10/1/15 10/9/15 10/26/15
11/12/15 11/20/15 12/7/15