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Advanced Energy and Efficiency Programs


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The Ohio Development Services Agency works to grow the economy of the state by connecting companies and communities to financial and technical resources to deploy renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. Communities can access program information to improve their energy efficiency or deploy renewable sources.

The Energy Loan Fund is a program that provides low-cost financing to small businesses, manufacturers, nonprofits, and public entities for energy improvements that reduce energy usage and associated costs, reduce fossil fuel emissions, and/or create or retain jobs. Funding is provided through the Advanced Energy Fund and federal State Energy Program and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Eligible activities include energy retrofits, energy distribution technologies and renewable energy technologies. Projects must achieve 15 percent reduction in energy usage, demonstrate economic and environmental impacts and be included within a long-term energy strategy of the community served.

The Alternative Fuel Transportation Program is a state program that improves air quality through financial assistance to businesses, nonprofit organizations, school districts, or local governments for the purchase and installation of alternative fuel refueling, blending, or distribution facilities and terminals.

The Building Operators Certification program is a professional certification for staffs, which operate and maintain commercial and public buildings, and involves energy and resource efficient operation of building systems. The Office of Energy obtained a license for implementation of the program in Ohio and works in partnership with the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and Ohio Public Facilities Maintenance Association. The certification program leads to energy & cost savings – the average per participant energy savings is estimated at 28,600 kWh per year.

The Energy Conservation Program allows school districts to make energy efficiency improvements to their buildings and use the cost savings to pay for those improvements.