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Community Reinvestment Areas (CRA)


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The Ohio Community Reinvestment Area program is an economic development tool administered by municipal and county government that provides real property tax exemptions for property owners who renovate existing or construct new buildings. The program is delineated into two distinct categories, those created prior to July 1994 ("pre-1994") and those created after.

In order to use the Community Reinvestment Area program, a city, village, or county petitions to the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) for confirmation of a geographical area in which investment in housing has traditionally been discouraged (click here for the process to establish a Community Reinvestment Area). Once an area is confirmed by the Director of ODSA, communities may offer real property tax exemptions to taxpayers that invest in that area.

Businesses interested in pursuing this incentive should contact the local Community Reinvestment Area Housing Officer in the city, village, or county (in the case of a township location) of the potential investment.

Community Reinvestment Area Housing Officer

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Pre-1994 CRA Information

Active Community Reinvestment Areas created and operating under pre-1994 legislative authority were established directly by municipalities or counties and did not need the Director of ODSA's authorization at that time. In these types of CRAs, local jurisdictions do not have the flexibility to restrict the type of projects - residential, commercial or industrial - eligible under the program, nor does it grant local jurisdictions the ability to grant an exemption of less than 100 percent.

Please note that pre-1994 CRA authorizing legislation can only be amended twice after July 1994 and still retain its operation under the old legislation. A third amendment would invoke the new CRA rules, and require the local jurisdiction to petition the Director of ODSA to confirm the area under the post-1994 rules.

Annual Reports

Active Community Reinvestment Areas in the state, whether operating under the pre-1994 or post-1994 legislation, are required to submit an annual report to the Ohio Development Services Agency by March 31 of every year. This report requires detailing the activity of the area as a whole, and providing information on each individual tax incentive